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7th ANNUAL CITIZEN CORPS CONFERENCE - Thursday October 16, 2014
at Water's Edge in Westbrook, CT. Registration closes in the next few days. 326 attendees have already registered. The registration link is accessible here: Click here to view the Conference Agenda

William Spear, Founder of Fortunate Blessings Foundation and the Second Response (SR) Initiative and his SR team will be at this conference to provide information about our work and to offer a special session on our methodology. Mr. Spear was the keynote speaker of this conference last year.

From 1:30 to 2:30 pm Second Response team members will offer a sample PLAYshop. This is an introduction to trauma and PTS (Post Traumatic Stress). The PLAYshop directly engages participants in an experiential session on our methodologies which employ body or somatic exercises to release repressed emotions. The learning objective for this session is to introduce the phenomenology of trauma and PTS to participants through specific exercises designed to prevent PTSD. View this 3.40 minute video to grasp the exciting concept: Second Response Overview Video

SECOND RESPONSE is ready to bring post-disaster relief to children, and also offers pre-disaster preparedness training to adults around the globe. Contact us to bring our trainers to your community or help us sponsor a training: +1 860-567-8801 and visit

SECOND RESPONSE was created specifically to help children recover their original ability to love life by providing facilitated safe, joyful and respectful "PLAYshops" of 30-45 minutes with groups of children who have been impacted by a natural disaster. Depending on the number of children, each PLAYshop is led by 2-5 facilitators who guide the group through a series of carefully crafted non-verbal exercises designed to help kids effortlessly release fear, grief and anger from their bodies. The entire time occurs to children as pure fun, including periods of wonderful improvisation, call and response, laughter and silly wiggling that enhances improved circulation and respiration, revitalizes muscle tone and restores flexibility to joints all of which alleviates physical stress and stagnated blood supply. Participants universally report feelings of deep relaxation in the days that follow, better more restful sleep, greater attention to schoolwork and an overall sense of well-being, safety and security.

* * Second Response Trauma Teams Empower Resilient Communities * *

The Fortunate Blessings Foundation is a secular, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization per U.S. Internal Revenue Code dedicated to innovative education for well-being by promoting wholeness and vitality through dietary and lifestyle practices, for harmonious and ecologically viable human living and working environments and public spaces, and on a global level to providing trauma relief to children following natural disasters.

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