Modern medical systems are straining under the pressure the demands from those facing life threatening illnesses and antiquated system of impersonal reductionism.  Without an integrative, holistic approach, powerful human potential and individual needs are totally ignored.  As society shifts its focus to newer models of health care, mountains of conflicting information about how to approach health and sickness can leave people confused and frustrated rather than empowered and revitalized.

The most authentic approach to health and healing is not a specifically defined diet, the right medicine or an exercise regimen to lose weight.  Achieving good health is not a single decision; it is made up of a series of hundreds of daily choices.  Since we are each unique with diverse needs and different occupations, individual nutritional requirements vary, as do specific, personal paths in order to move to a higher level of care. 

We will continue to introduce ways in which everyone can use diet and natural methods to reduce symptoms and overcome illness; simple, direct and time-tested approaches can be applied to both minor imbalances and major degenerate diseases.  Modern science has finally begun to acknowledge and research how traditional foods and lifestyle changes actually strengthen the immune system and positively impact improved health.  Using these natural healing techniques as lifestyle choices combines the best ancient traditions, modern science and common sense.