Our communities are being impacted by weather-related and human-made traumatic events with increasing frequency.  After experiencing a traumatic event, 1 out of 6 children will develop PTSD.  First responders and caregivers are overwhelmed with their own secondary trauma, and most are still following traditional practices of verbal and cognitive psychological first aid, which often prove insufficient with children. 

 Second Response recognizes the undeniable link between body and mind in reducing the debilitating effects of trauma.  We reach children through our pioneering PLAYshops, carefully crafted nonverbal exercises presented as simple fun and games.  Backed by neuroscience and social science research, these forms of productive play adjust hormonal responses, restore body rhythms, and release muscular tension, often mitigating the onset of post traumatic syndrome pathologies.  By training school and hospital staff, social service providers, caregivers, first responders, and parents, we are helping these front line providers to restore calm themselves and providing them with an effective tool to address the emotional needs of the children and families they serve.  We are building resilience in communities where it is needed most.

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